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  • Billet compressor wheel with extended tip technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics
  • Inconel 713 turbine wheel for high-temperature operation
  • T6 Divided turbine housings in 1.32A/R or 1.58 A/R with 5″ V Band Outlet 5.75 OD Marmon flange
  • T4 Divided turbine housing in 1.10A/R, 1.25 A/R with 4” Vband Outlet

Billet Compressor

Whel Options

75/101mm, 7+7, 80/113mm, 7+7, 85/115mm, 6+6, 88/116mm, 7+7, 92/112mm, 7+7

Compressor Housing Options

Standard, T51R MOD

Turbine Wheel


83/74mm, 87.4/81.7mm, 96/88mm, 101/91.3mm, 110/99mm

Turbine Housing


T6 1.32 A/R, T6 1.58 A/R, T4 1.25, T4 1.10

PULSAR Billet 400 Series Turbos

PriceFrom £662.38
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